Healthy air in focus

The Condair Cube is a unique, mobile air quality monitor, which CO2, humidity and temperature.

A high-quality, handy measuring device that helps you to always breathe healthy air healthy air and stay vital.

Air quality optimally in view

The CO2-measurement values are an indicator of the quality of the indoor air.

Where there is a lot CO2 there can also be a high aerosol and virus load. Then the danger of becoming infected with pathogens and viruses is greater.

The relative humidity is optimal in the range between 40 and 60% and the risk of infection is lowest.

The CO2 -reading should be kept below 800ppm if possible. If the value rises above this, ventilation should be provided.

Optimum CO2-content of the air

Optimum humidity in RH

Optimum temperature in °C


The Condair Cube has a high level of connectivity. Measurement data can be stored on an external micro SD card over a longer period of time and evaluated.

Furthermore, the Condair Cube can be connected to a PC or an external monitor and output the measurement data live. output. The data is updated
every 30 seconds.