Humidifiers for AHU-Systems

Condair EL

Electrode Steam Humidifier

Condair EL is the latest generation of well-known steam humidifiers from Condair. These products are the first choice whenever simple but reliable steam production is required.

• Hygienic steam
• Straightforward device choice thanks to meaningful performance levels
• Low water consumption due to regulated elutriation
• Intelligent design for quick maintenance
• Easy connection to building management system

Condair RH

Condair RH

Compact steam humidifier for your home

The Condair RH is the ideal complement to your controlled residential ventilation system, to ensure a healthy humidity level between 40 - 60 % RH. It is easily controlled via smartphone app and the unique steam cylinder can be replaced without the use of tools. Included with the Condair RH is a comprehensive installation package that includes all necessary components, such as distribution pipe with special steam lance and
all required sensors, as well as other installation material. Due to the DVGW-certified design of internal components, the Condair RH can be connected directly to the drinking water network without any further measures.

Steam Humidifier with Scale Managemant Condair RS

Condair RS 

Resistive Steam Humidifier with Scale Management

Patented scale management removes the separated minerals from the steam cylinder during operation and automatically conveys them into the designated scale collecting tank. Scale deposits are thus continuously removed from the steam cylinder.

The pieces of limescale are collected in an external scale collection tank and can easily be emptied from there. Maintenance work is significantly reduced and operational reliability is maximized.

• Perfect steam hygiene
• Patented scale management
• External scale collector tank
• Scale-free cylinder flushing water
• Precise regulation of steam performance
• Easy connection to building management system

The patented scale management 

Gas-Fired Steam Humidifier Condair GS

Condair GS

Gas-Fired Steam Humidifier

High efficiency made easy Thanks to technology certified by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW), chimneys are no longer required. Exhaust gas can be ducted directly via the exhaust air from the ventilation and air-conditioning system and the exhaust heat can be recovered through the heat recovery system. This offers significant benefits-installation is considerably easier, as a chimney is not required, and the energy contained in the exhaust gas is available to heat the building free of charge.

Equipment technology tested by the DVGW. This design solution for routing exhaust gas has a patent pending and the DVGW examination certificate CE-0085CO0031 has been issued.

• Perfect steam hygiene
• DVGW-certified exhaust gas routing via air-conditioning system exhaust air
• Stainless steel steam generator and heat exchanger
• e-LINKS: Modbus, LonWorks, and BACnet/IP

Air humidification that also heats 

Multiple Steam DIstribution System Condair Optisorp

Condair Optisorp 

Multiple Steam Distribution System for Extremely Short Absorption Distances

In the Optisorp steam distribution system, steam is distributed across the entire duct cross-section by a number of distribution pipes fitted with a large number of nozzles. The steam absorption distance is up to 4 times shorter than with conventional steam distribution pipes.

The Condair Optisorp is made exclusively from stainless steel and high-quality plastic, thus meeting the highest hygiene requirements.

• Minimal humidification sections
• Drip-free steam distribution
• Wear-free operation

Pressure Steam Distribution Systems

Distribution System Condair ESCO

Condair Esco

Distribution System for Existing Pressurized Steam

The Condair Esco steam distributions system are designed to deliver reliable humidity from facility steam boilers.

The patented ceramic valve closes so that it is completely tight and ensures that no steam enters the ventilation system, even when the system is switched off, and does this completely without any additional shut-off device. The functional elements are fully integrated into it, in a design that guarantees fault-free steam connection. There is no need for complex seals or pipework. It is therefore possible to calculate the cost of installation, which can be completed quickly and cost-effectively.

Direct-Room Humidifiers

Steam with BlowerPack Condair EL / BlowerPack

Condair EL / BlowerPack

Steam with BlowerPack 

Condair EL steam humidifier with BlowerPack for direct-room humidification. The fan can easily be attached and installed on the humidifier itself. It is available in two versions, for 5–15 kg/h and 16–45 kg/h.

Steam Humidifier with Fan Condair RS / FAN

Condair RS / BlowerPack

Steam Humidifier with BlowerPack  

Condair RS steam humidifier with BlowerPack for direct-room humidification. The fan can easily be attached and installed on the humidifier itself.

Outdoor Installation with weather-proof Cabinet

Outdoor Installation with weather-proof Cabinet

Condair EL / OC

Outdoor Installation with weather-proof Cabinet

Steam humidifier Condair EL OC with robust all-weather protective housing for outdoor installation. The Condair EL OC is built according to the latest state of the art and fulfils the prescribed requirements of (90/396/EEC) as well as all known safety standards.

Outdoor Installation with weather-proof Cabinet

Condair RS / OC

Outdoor Installation with weather-proof Cabinet

Steam humidifier Condair RS with a robust weather-proof cabinet for outdoor installation. The Condair RS OC has been designed according the most recent state of technology and is complying with the requirements of all relevant European guidelines and safety standards.

Compact humidifier

Luftbefeuchter mit Allwetter-Schutzgehäuse

Condair RM

Compact humidifier

The compact Condair RM steam humidifier has been specially designed for hygienic humidification solutions with a small footprint. The compact design allows integration even in small shafts with limited space.