Dehumidification for archive and library materials

The preservation, provision and safeguarding of manuscripts, books, graphics, pictures, documents and other works of art and culture are the most important tasks to which archivists and conservators devote themselves. The optimal conditions for this are provided by the structural, physical and climatic conditions of the building.
conditions are ideal for this and for the storage and preservation of archives and libraries and preservation of archive and library materials.

However, permanent damage-free preservation and storage of archive and library materials is unfortunately not possible due to chemical decomposition and reaction processes. With the right humidity and temperature, these processes cannot be stopped completely, but they can be slowed down considerably.

Dehumidification counteracts natural decay

At a humidity of over 60%, mold can develop and cause serious damage to the archive material. In addition, molds are consistently harmful to health. Corrosion is another major problem with excessive air humidity. Among other things, it favors the so-called "bronze plague", which can irreparably destroy bronze objects which can irreparably destroy bronze objects.

Consider specific requirements

The optimal climate control of archive rooms has a decisive influence on the low-damage long-term storage of archive and library materials. Nowadays, archival materials are too specific (writings, books, pictures, graphics, various materials for art objects, photographic and film material, digital materials, storage media, etc.) to define a general value for storage. Instead, today one relies on individual room or zone solutions with specific room air properties, which are regulated separately depending on the archive material to be stored.


Parchment, leather


Film rolls (negatives)

Photographs (Colourless)

Photographs (Colored)

Magnetic tapes

Requirements for the long-term storage
of archive and library materials

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