Condair DL

Healthy humidity for your home

Optimal for the human body is a relative humidity of 40-60%. This range is very unfavorable for germs, fungi and bacteria, which means that the air contains hardly any contamination for humans. The risk of catching flu and cold viruses is minimal here.
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Simple operation via smartphone

The Condair RH compact steam humidifier can be remotely controlled and monitored via a smartphone app. This gives you maximum control over the unit at all times.

Fast and tool-free maintenance
Through unique lever mechanism

The heating process takes place in a removable cylinder, in which all the all minerals and impurities remain.

Replacement of the cylinder is simple. The Condair RH features an industry-unique change mechanism that makes steam cylinder replacement quick, easily and without tools.

Umfassendes Montagepaket

The Condair RH is supplied with a comprehensive installation package, so that the purchase of additional installation material is usually not necessary.

The installation package includes all sensors necessary for automatic control, pipe transition pieces 180 mm to 160 mm as well as additional hose material for the steam line, Water supply and drain lines.

Online commissioning

Services such as commissioning and device parameterization can be performed online and booked easily via a booking portal. In the event of equipment malfunctions, an initial analysis can also be carried out online and may eliminate the need for an on-site service technician.