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How much water does the air contain?

When speaking of air humidity, a distinction is made between relative humidity and absolute humidity. At different temperature values, the air can absorb different amounts of moisture. In principle, the higher the temperature, the more moisture can be absorbed.

In addition, at any temperature there is a certain point at which it is not possible for the air to to absorb more moisture. This point is called the saturation or dew point. From here, condensation begins to form.

In the following three examples, the air always contains an absolute humidity of 12 g of water per kilogram of air. This means that the relative humidity at a temperature of 30°C is 45% RH. At a temperature of 20°C, 82% r.H. and at only 10°C the air is supersaturated, so that condensate escapes.
10 °C 100% Relative humidity
7,6g Water in the air
+4,4 g Condensate
At 10°C, one
kilogram of air can contain a maximum of
7.6 g of water.
20 °C 82% Relative humidity
12g Water in the air

At 20°C, one
kilogram of air can contain a maximum of
14.7 g of water.
30 °C 45% Relative humidity
12g Water in the air

At 30°C, one
kilogram of air can contain a maximum of
27.2 g of water.

Why does it get damp in the basement?

The temperature differences between the mostly unheated cellars and the surrounding area are often so great, that moisture from the air precipitates as condensate. In many cases, this is compounded by structural such as incorrectly constructed rain gutters and missing drainage systems. Moisture penetrates into the cellar - and cannot get out again.
At a cool cellar temperature of 20°C the air can absorb a maximum of 14.7 g of water per kilogram of air

The result is 0.3 g of condensate per kilogram of air
Warm outside air of 32°C Contains at 50% relative humidity 15.0 g of water per kilogram of air

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