Efficient use of energy

Steadily rising electricity and energy prices are putting many companies under increasing pressure. With the added sharp rise in the cost of many raw materials and intermediate products, companies of all types and sizes are thus being called upon more than ever to make their factory and office buildings as energy-efficient as possible and to optimize manufacturing processes in terms of energy.

The role of building technology

Building technology in particular offers enormous potential for savings. It is only through the use of building technology systems that buildings become usable for people. A reliable supply of media and the guarantee of optimum conditions for room and process air are prerequisites for almost all modern and efficient manufacturing processes. It must first be acknowledged as a fact that the heating, cooling, ventilation, etc. systems needed for this purpose require the supply of energy in order to fulfill their function. However, through clever planning and optimization, the use of energy and, as a result, the operating costs can be significantly reduced.

Concepts for efficient operation

Systems for air humidification and dehumidification are often considered either quite late in the planning phase, when the overall concept of the AHU is already in place, or, for example, when the optimization of an industrial process is required. Accordingly, possible savings potentials are usually not obvious to the technically responsible person at first glance. at first glance, but on closer inspection they are certainly available.

Content of the guide

01 - Natural cooling with water
BAFA-supported: Indirect evaporative cooling

02 - Use waste heat
Case study Campus Kronberg: Exhaust gas heat- recovery with
gas-fired steam humidifier.

03 - Humidification without pump
Frequency modulated pump at the water treatment Makes
booster pump superfluous

04 - Identifying savings potential
Savings potential in the operation of
Air humidification systems

05 - Regulating according to demand
Precise control of a dehumidifier
with Dew point or surface sensor

06 - Using rainwater
. Water treatment for
rainwater with Condair RC

07 - Planning humidification and dehumidification
Planning energy efficiency sustainably
and realize