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Calculating the air condition is easier!
For example with the free app from Condair!


Condair h,x-Calculator

The h,x Calculator from Condair is a free app for calculating air conditions and the corresponding humidification or heating required. The generally complex air humidity calculations can be performed extremely accurately and simply, which means that a range of scenarios can be assessed quickly and straightforwardly.

Easy to Use

From the front end overview, the design planner can choose between isothermal or adiabatic systems, and enter target or initial values. All the key thermodynamic results are shown interactively in the form of numerical values and a diagram. It is even quicker with the scroll bar that opens automatically when the input box is touched for a prolonged period of time.

Sea Level Taken into Account

To provide exact calculations, the air pressure at the site of the property and the height above sea level must also be taken into account. With the Condair calculator, this can be set in increments of 100 meters.

H, x-Calculator video tutorial

The following video shows the handling of the software h, x-Calculator and explains how to determine the air condition before or after humidification, the humidification capacity and the heating power (with adiabatic air humidification) with only a few steps.

The software can perform a calculation in the imperial as well as in the metric unit system.

E-mail und Air-Print Function

The Condair h,x Calculator can send the results of a calculation by e-mail or print them out directly with the help of an air print printer.

Free of Charge in the App Store

Condair naturally provides the h,x Calculator as a free utility. Simply press on this link on your iPad and you will be taken directly to the App Store to download the app.