Condair GS

Air humidification that also heats!
Exhaust heat recovery via the air conditioning system

Gas-fired steam humidifier

Condair GS

Condair GS units are the standard in high-efficiency humidification with gas. The exhaust gas can be discharged directly through HVAC exhaust air. Exhaust gas heat is mostly recovered through heat recovery in the HVAC unit.

Condair GS is the first choice when it comes to top efficiency and easy installation. These units can easily be added to existing systems.

Economical and ecological operation
with gas as primary energy

When it comes to operating as efficiently as possible, gas as the primary source of energy can be used as a cost-efficient alternative to conventional steam humidification with electricity.

Exhaust gas heat recovery
through the HVAC system

Using HVAC exhaust air to discharge exhaust gas provides some significant advantages. First, installation is significantly easier, as a chimney is no longer required. Exhaust gas heat is used regeneratively through heat recovery in the HVAC unit, with no negative impact on the quality of exhaust air. The energy in the exhaust gas becomes available for free, and the resulting savings can be applied to your ventilation heating needs.
Gas-heated steam humidifier with exhaust gas heat recovery through the HVAC system
Kein Kamin erforderlich No chimney required
WärmerückgewinnungRecovery of exhaust gas heat
DVGW ZertifiziertDVGW certified

Efficient technology
pays off!

Potential savings through
ventilation heat consumption, including condensation heat recovery [kW]
Steam output [kg/h]

Efficient condensing heat exchanger with conventional exhaust gas routing (option)

If it is not possible to achieve heat recovery via the air conditioning system, a condensing heat exchanger can be added to the air humidifier itself to increase energy efficiency.

In the Condair GS CS version, a condensing heat exchanger at the fresh water inlet ensures the heat transfer from the exhaust gas to the humidifying water with high thermal efficiency.

The perfect match

Different system situations require customized solutions. With a range of Condair GS variants to choose from, you can select a unit that precisely matches your planning requirements and the design of your HVAC system. Existing limitations are overcome through the exhaust gas discharge system, and highly efficient steam humidification is made available for a wide range of applications.
Condair GS
Indoor installation (room air-dependent) Combustion air is sucked away from the installation room
Condair GS RS
Indoor installation (room airindependent) Combustion air is supplied from outside
Condair GS OC
External installation with robust all-weather protection cover

Base frame for floor installation

The base frame ensures that the device is stable and easy to set up and that it is at the perfect height to carry out maintenance and assembly work.
Professional planning is the basis for functional quality and energy efficiency.
We are happy to assist you in the planning phase.